InformaticaRx conducts pharmacy audits to identify over-billings.

Are you being overbilled by your pharmacy provider?

The answer is most likely, yes & how would you know?


Pharmacy billing is intentionally complex and proprietary. As a result, it is often difficult to verify rates and charges. The result; you pay your invoices in good faith that the charges are correct without having enough data to know otherwise.


Long Term Care Locations in the US


Licensed Beds


Dollars Spent on Pharmaceuticals

“While working with hundreds of long-term care facilities across the country, many of them have told us that the lack of transparency in pharmacy costs is frustrating and unacceptable to them”

-  Stephen Carrabba, Principal of Expense Consulting.

The Issues With Pharmacy Billing Are Mounting

Actual sample of just 3 scripts on one page of more than 3,000 scripts on 142 pages 

Who is taking time to verify your invoices?

How do you know if the invoice is correct? Does it meet your contract terms? Are you even the responsible payer? What about WAC or AWP values? Brand or Generic? To make sure your invoice is correct, you'll have to examine every single script.

Pharmacy Pricing Schedule

Gain access to valuable pharmacy-related information and remove the mysteries from contracts and invoices with InformaticaRx.

InformaticRx is intelligent software designed to solve real issues of transparency with pharmacy costs, particularly within long-term care settings. When you're well informed, your business runs better.

Our comprehensive toolkit provides unprecedented insights into your pharmacy cost drivers as well as expert negotiation assistance


Custom reports to optimize decision making

Invoice Processing

Historic & Real-time audits to ensure proper billing and contract compliance

Spend Analysis

Developing cost targets and performing "what-if" analyses 

Negotiating Assistance

We'll lead you in re-negotiating more favorable pharmacy agreements

Therapeutic Interchange

Suggestions to reduce costs based on clinical substitutions

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How does InformaticaRx software help?

  • Audit pharmacy invoices for contractual compliance

  • Provide a central spot for loading PDFs of agreement as well as specific pricing rules

  • Identify areas of opportunity such as quantifying impacts from

  • Allow for reporting of cost drivers

  • Conduct “What-if” analysis to model different cost structures

  • Review information about state Maximum Allowable Cost

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