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Have an organization that wants to find opportunities to grow it's bottom line? With us, you can do that and you won't have to generate any additional sales or revenue. Instead, let's take a look at what's being spent. With Expense Consulting, it's easy and seamless to get started - as we have an end to end process that saves you time and energy and won't disrupt your current operations


Once engaged - we'll analyze your invoices and vendor agreements to make sophisticated recommendations that will improve your vendor relationships while reducing costs. Since we're vendor neutral - we aim to restructure and improve your current agreements before considering other vendors.


Save 20-30% on your overhead expenses  - there's no risk to you to find out just how much savings we'll find. Schedule a consultation today!





Select Clients

The Applause

Very impressed! We were especially floored when you were able to get us out of an undesirable electricity agreement; that alone saved us $70k.  Have and will continue to recommend

 Cary Gagnon, Owner

Dunkin Donuts Franchisee

We now feel the results of Expense Consulting’s expertise every day!  You’ve reduced costs and increased services in variety of spend categories including proprietary raw materials, telecom, packaging, freight and lots more. Now we wouldn’t think of talking to a vendor without your involvement


 Robert Naboicheck, President

 Gold Bond Mattress

We’ve been looking for a solution for our janitorial supplies for years and you found it! The products you recommended not only saves us 76% but also are phenomenal; they work great and they’re “Green!” Yet another successful implementation for us by Expense Consulting


 Don Devivo, President


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