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  • Stephen Carrabba

A Job Well Done

" I meet with the CFO of this company, I tell him that my company will increase their cash flow. We will uncover (and recover) monies due the company, work with their existing team to find better prices for the products they buy, almost always keeping incumbent suppliers.

We will do it with VERY little time spent by their staff. And it will not cost the company a dime. We guarantee that we will increase their cash flow. In fact, we're so sure- that if we don't, we'll write them a $25,000.00 check.

You know what the CFO says? "I'm not interested."

WHAT?! I'm dumbfounded. I'm having a rare moment when I'm at a loss for words. As I stand there, eyes glazing over, it dawns on me - this person does not believe me. They think it's too good to be true. There's GOT to be a catch.

Well the CFO was right, there is a catch. It won't cost the company a dime because we get paid by taking a percentage of the savings we find. Good ole' American motivation for doing a great job.

The project is now self-funded. Everybody wins. Want to hear more about how we can help you?

Call us at 860-761-3500



Every business consumes energy. We hope you find this chart useful when benchmarking your energy costs. Please note, Expense Consulting is a licensed utility aggregator, so be sure to contact us for the best possible energy pricing.


About Expense Consulting

Expense Consulting is a full-service accounts payable auditing and cost reduction consultancy, helping organizations significantly reduce operating expenses. Since 2009, we've helped hundreds of organizations recover millions of dollars of over-billings and have secured millions of dollars in future cost savings. To learn more about reducing your organization's expenses, contact us at (860) 761-3500.

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