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  • Stephen Carrabba

Are You Getting The Most From Your Current Suppliers?

As a cost reduction consulting firm, we’re in the business of helping our clients reduce their expenses. Needless to say, we have the opportunity to see many customer-vendor relationships. And over time, we have noticed something pretty remarkable. Customers who work collaboratively with their vendors achieve better outcomes. Crazy, right?

Many customers take an alternative approach. They look to “squeeze” their vendors as much as possible to get the best deal on the block. They push as hard with hardball tactics to obtain product at the lowest cost, whatever the cost. But, is that really the best way?

Often, the largest savings are achieved through a dialogue with vendors that involves really listening. We’ve seen cases where people were literally arguing over pennies when the vendor was sitting on a cost reduction that would save tens of thousands.

Vendors often have great ideas for cost reduction but it can be challenge to sift through the many claims to verify whether a savings will materialize. That’s where the expertise of a firm like Expense Consulting comes in. With industry knowledge that comes from practical experience, a reputable cost reduction firm can be your advocate to ensure optimal outcomes are achieved.



Every business consumes energy. We hope you find this chart useful when benchmarking your energy costs. Please note, Expense Consulting is a licensed utility aggregator, so be sure to contact us for the best possible energy pricing.


About Expense Consulting Expense Consulting is a full-service accounts payable auditing and cost reduction consultancy, helping organizations significantly reduce operating expenses. Since 2009, we've helped hundreds of organizations recover millions of dollars of over-billings and have secured millions of dollars in future cost savings. To learn more about reducing your organization's expenses, contact us at (860) 761-3500.

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