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  • Stephen Carrabba

Money Right Down The Drain, Literally

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

At Expense Consulting, we recognize that focusing on cutting spending is never as much fun as growing the top line. Sometimes, expenses that most companies considered to be “fixed” are anything but. For example, consider water and sewer use billing. These charges are generally billed by a municipal entity, with little explanation and no opportunity to go elsewhere for these services.

Recently, Expense Consulting reviewed water and sewer expenditures for a large hospital. Armed with a thorough understanding of the municipal billing process and rates, we were able to identify areas where the client had been overcharged $50,000 in sewer use taxes annually. That’s a lot of money going down the drain.

Identifying the problem is just the first step. It takes an organization with persistent follow-through to ensure that all of the appropriate paperwork has been filed, requested changes have been made, and the client has received anticipated refunds or credits. With review and approval from the client, Expense Consulting does this legwork to ensure the savings are realized.

No, cutting costs isn’t fun, but we work to make it as painless as possible.



Every business consumes energy. We hope you find this chart useful when benchmarking your energy costs. Please note, Expense Consulting is a licensed utility aggregator, so be sure to contact us for the best possible energy pricing.


About Expense Consulting Expense Consulting is a full-service accounts payable auditing and cost reduction consultancy, helping organizations significantly reduce operating expenses. Since 2009, we've helped hundreds of organizations recover millions of dollars of over-billings and have secured millions of dollars in future cost savings. To learn more about reducing your organization's expenses, contact us at (860) 761-3500

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