The Applause

"Not only did they make recommendations, but they also led the implementation. We're financially healthier after their engagement. I strongly recommend Expense Consulting to any organization looking for a way to reduce expenses while streaming operations."

-Lynn Iverson

St. Joseph Living Center

Let's Hear It from Our Clients...

“We signed on with Expense Consulting back in June and are very pleased with the savings they found for us. They also saved us a considerable amount of time by renegotiating new contracts for us. Their expertise and professionalism in the medical industry is noteworthy. We highly recommend them!”

 - Andre Garant

CFO, HealthWise Medical Associates

“They take the time to understand how their piece fits into the whole, and ensure that all stakeholders buy-in to their analysis and validation of their findings. They show true talent in their ability to audit and identify vendor discrepancies relayed to overbillings and overpayments.”

-Tom Burke

VP of Operations, Saint Francis Hospital

“We were skeptical at first but had nothing to lose. We now feel the results of Expense Consulting’s expertise every day! You’ve reduced costs and increased services in variety of spend categories including proprietary raw materials, telecom, packaging, freight and lots more. Now we wouldn’t think of talking to a vendor without your involvement."

- Robert Naboicheck

President, Gold Bond Mattress

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