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Cost Reduction Services

ZERO Risk. ZERO Obligation. We Only Get Paid When We Save You Money.


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Helping Organizations 
Like Yours Drive More Profitability!

Learn more about Expense Consulting and how we can help you make your organization more profitable.

Zero Risk. Zero Obligation. Pay Us When We Save You Money.

Expense Consulting does all the heavy lifting by auditing your invoices, spotting billing errors, and then leveraging our industry knowledge and experience with gentle yet firm negotiation.  This ensures that you are getting the most competitive and accurate pricing possible.

There's no cost to get started with us!

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Our Services

We help you take your business to new heights of profitability through cost reduction across 60+ expense categories!

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Our Process

We have perfected our process to deliver proven results through implementation while minimizing your time allocation. 

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What can Expense Consulting do that my internal team can't?

While your team may negotiate an agreement in a particular spend category every few years, Expense Consulting has the advantage of working on a multitude of similar agreements across the country. Our primary focus is to ensure you receive the best possible price for the products and services you need. 

I'm swamped. Is working with Expense Consulting worth my time?

Absolutely. For every hour spent working with us, our clients see an average return of $26k in savings! If that's not worth squeezing into your calendar, we don't know what is!

We're the #1 CHOICE for Healthcare Cost Reduction

We have worked with thousands of healthcare providers across the US and are uniquely equipped to review healthcare-specific spending. On average, we reduce healthcare-related expenses by 22%.

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What Some of Our Clients Are Saying


We've Been Optimizing Cost For Over A Decade

Since 2009, Expense Consulting has been helping clients reduce costs while improving vendor relationships. We are dedicated to providing businesses across industries quick & result-driven, cost-minimizing solutions and skilled vendor negotiation services. Whether new or incumbent, Expense Consulting negotiates unparalleled discounts while ensuring appropriate service levels.

Examples of Actual Savings Achieved:


Hazardous Waste

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Annual Savings


Thinking about partnering with us?

To help make up your mind, we GUARANTEE AT LEAST


in savings on $1M expenses or our service is FREE!
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Learn What You Have Been Missing!

We pride ourselves on delivering results and improving
our client's profits, more than 2,000 times.

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