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Strong relationships and
outstanding results go hand in hand

At Expense Consulting, we embrace this philosophy. As a contingency-based cost-reduction consultancy, we prioritize delivering favorable outcomes for both our clients and their partners. We recognize the role your partners play in your organization’s operations and appreciate their significance.

Our people-centric approach to consulting

We specialize in reviewing accounts payable to ensure contract compliance and achieve cost reduction through thoughtful, strategic contract negotiation. However, our objective extends beyond cost reduction as we also strive to optimize every partnership so that it may reach its full potential. 

Accordingly, our approach is not adversarial or hasty. We actively listen, advocate, and offer expert advice. While it’s uncommon for us to suggest a change in service provider, we’re open to doing so should our clients express such a desire.

Uniquely tailored to support your needs

Our ability to secure favorable rates is driven by our access to extensive expertise. We’ve nurtured a network of over 150 individuals and organizations whose insights we leverage to benchmark pricing standards in specific industries and expenditure categories. Combined with our proprietary database, our capabilities are exceptionally hard to duplicate, making us a strategic partner with unparalleled value.

Setting a high standard for cost savings

Since our founding, we’ve had a 100% client success rate and our approach has yielded an average savings of 21% in key spending areas. Our outside perspective and years of experience empower you to expect high-quality service at best-in-class prices.

Let us lower the cost of doing business
We’ll make sure your costs are competitive and the services you receive suit your needs.

Let’s get to work.
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