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Our strong relationships lead to outstanding results for our clients.

As a contingency-based cost-reduction consultancy, we prioritize achieving positive results for both clients and their partners. Recognizing the crucial role partners play in organizational operations, we are dedicated to fostering strong, mutually beneficial relationships to lower clients' business costs through win-win-win scenarios.

Our people-centric approach to consulting

We specialize in reviewing accounts payable to ensure contract compliance and achieve cost reduction through thoughtful, strategic contract negotiation. However, our objective extends beyond cost reduction as we also strive to optimize every partnership so that it may reach its full potential. 

We take our time so that you don’t have to. We actively listen, advocate, and offer industry-informed expert guidance; aligning your organizational goals and needs to the services rendered. Through our tailored approach, we champion the most sustainable and advantageous routes to success.

Uniquely positioned to support your needs

Our Team:  ​

  • Our team of specialized analysts bring extensive experience in each area of spend that we review, thus producing realized results vs theoretical suggestions 

  • From day one, your organization will be assigned a dedicated Client Success Analyst (CSA) who will be your direct point of contact and hands-on resource. Your CSA is actively engaged in your success to ensure we are fully aligned with your organization's goals throughout each project. 

Our Network and Database:  

  • We’ve built a strong network of more than 100 individuals and organizations who provide valuable insights that we leverage to benchmark up-to-date pricing standards specific to each industry and expenditure category. 

  • By leveraging this network and our proprietary database, we not only effectively and quickly reduce costs but also improve your overall financial performance and operational efficiency.

Setting a high standard for cost savings

Since our founding, we’ve had a 100% client success rate and our approach has yielded an average savings of 21% in key spending areas. Our outside perspective and years of experience empower you to expect high-quality service at best-in-class prices.

Lower the cost of doing business
We ensure your costs remain competitive and the services provided perfectly match your requirements, empowering you to achieve more with your resources rather than less.
Let’s get to work.
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