About Us

Founded in 2009, Expense Consulting is a contingency-based cost-reduction consultancy specializing in reviewing accounts payable and contract negotiation. Through our tried and tested approach, we have saved tens of millions of dollars on behalf of our clients who span a broad range of industries. At Expense Consulting, we are dedicated to maximizing the value that organizations receive from their vendors and business partners. 

We understand you seek the ideal partner in cost-reduction for your business. We have specific and relevant strategies and a proven approach that will help you expose billing and pricing errors, and dramatically decrease the costs of products and services your organization purchases today. We are confident that our veteran team of industry experts has the requisite winning formula to deliver results. 

Expense Consulting has a 100% client-success rate over more than a decade of experience. Our approach has yielded an average savings of 20.6% in key spending areas. We obtain best-in-class pricing with your existing vendor partners, with only a fraction of our projects resulting in a recommended change to product or provider. We have worked with hundreds of organizations across the country, so we’re well equipped to identify whether you’re paying too much. In addition, we’ve worked with hundreds of suppliers and service-providers across dozens of spend categories, so when we reach out your vendors, they know that we expect the very best on behalf of our clients.

Through our forensic-style accounts-payable reviews and expert contract negotiations, we will work independently to identify inappropriate billings, benchmark current spending, and renegotiate contracts to maximize value with vendor partners without diminishing existing service levels. We are independent and objective in our pursuit of transparency and reasonable costs for products and services. Unlike other consultants in the space, Expense Consulting ensures that only our clients’ best interests are being represented by remaining 100% vendor-neutral in all engagements. We are paid only by our clients, and only for savings that are implemented and realized. At the end of our engagement our clients are empowered, prepared, and confident to hold vendors to a higher standard of quality, accountability and transparency, all at a fair price. 

Our Founder

Stephen Carrabba


Stephen Angelo Carrabba is a Connecticut entrepreneur who founded Expense Consulting, Ltd. in 2009. A graduate of Suffield Academy and Babson College, he established a specialty manufacturing company while investing in real estate upon college graduation. Gaining experience in controlling expenses to maximize profits, he developed protocols and procedures which he believed were translatable to other industries and organizations. 

Leveraging his knowledge and negotiating skills, he turned his passion for saving into a business. The success with Expense Consulting was almost instantaneous when Stephen was able to single-handedly save his first client over $115k with only a few weeks of effort.


With Stephen’s guidance, Expense Consulting has become a recognized expert in cost reduction and has helped many organizations realize substantial savings. Industries served have included aerospace, manufacturing, health care, transportation, major nonprofits and hospitality. Stephen prides himself on his attention to detail and perseverance, and ensuring that the result of projects are not merely “book-reports,” but are actionable to deliver solid results. 


Stephen and his team have negotiated thousands of agreements and been responsible for saving tens of millions of dollars. He is a master-negotiator who consistently and creatively crafts “out-of-the box,” win-win deals. 


Stephen and his wife, Catherine and their children live in Madison, Connecticut. Stephen was recognized by the Hartford Business Journal in 2014 as a 40 Under Forty Award Recipient and is a recent graduate of the Goldman Sachs Small Business program for growth driven entrepreneurs. He is an advisor to A Better World: The Adoption Connection and is a member of MetroHartford Alliance.

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