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A well-oiled, cost-saving machine

Our process combines the unique needs of each client with optimal efficiency, creating a perfect blend of customization and efficiency for your organization.

Step 1: Due Diligence

Before selecting projects, we’ll execute a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and request a 12-month spend report highlighting your existing vendor partnerships and annual expenditures. This data is used to benchmark your spending and pinpoint areas that may require prioritization during our collaboration.

Reviewing your spend report typically takes no more than 48 hours.
(client estimated time commitment: 1 hour)

Step 3: Data Collection

If you maintain a physical filing cabinet, we can easily arrange for one of our team members to retrieve invoices, current contracts, and purchase histories. Alternatively, if your files are stored digitally, we will provide a secure upload link for your convenience.
(client estimated time commitment: 2–3 hours)

Step 5: Investigate & Negotiate

We collaborate with your vendor partners to ensure service levels and contract terms align with your requirements. Following a thorough evaluation, we seek improved rates by benchmarking your current spend against our expertise and proprietary data and securing best-in-class pricing for you. If desired, we can also explore new vendor partnerships.

The duration of this step ranges from three to six weeks, contingent on factors like vendor responsiveness, contract complexity, and other variables.
(client estimated time commitment: 2–3 hours)

Step 7: Implementation

We confirm new agreements and secure countersignatures on your behalf. Then, we manage any product or vendor changes to ensure a seamless transition with minimal disruption.

This process can be as simple as executing a new pricing addendum or may be more complex if it involves a change in provider. Depending on the service, vendor changes can take several weeks.
(client estimated time commitment: 1–2 hours)

Step 2: Kickoff

Upon executing our engagement agreement and securing the letter of authorization, we engage in collaborative efforts with your team to comprehensively grasp your partnerships, as well as the array of services and products you acquire. We determine which vendors you’re happy with and where there’s room for improvement. In this phase, we work together to prioritize contracts to evaluate potential opportunities.
(client estimated time commitment: 1–2 hours)

Step 4: Data Analysis

Once we receive the data, we scrutinize it line by line, discerning pricing details for each product and service. We cross-reference historical invoices with current contracts to pinpoint billing errors while benchmarking your pricing against our proprietary database to assess potential cost-saving opportunities. Any identified errors are promptly communicated to partners for resolution.

This phase typically spans two to three weeks, during which we may occasionally seek clarification from your team.

(client estimated time commitment: 1–2 hours)

Step 6: Approval

Subsequently, we present our findings and recommendations to you. If new agreements are recommended, we carefully identify potentially problematic language before submitting the details for your legal review. Following your approval, we implement any project recommendations.

This process can take as little as two weeks or as long as six weeks, depending on responsiveness from vendors and whether recommendations necessitate legal review prior to execution.
(client estimated time commitment: 3–4 hours)

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Step 8: Ongoing Review

Throughout our three-year engagement term, we actively oversee the adherence to agreed-upon prices for the specified duration. We conduct annual reviews of all projects, at the very least, to validate that approximate savings align with realized savings.

This ongoing process requires minimal input from our clients. Typically, a comprehensive review of all assessed areas takes us about two weeks.
(client estimated time commitment: 1-2 hours)

Lower the cost of doing business
We ensure your costs remain competitive and the services provided perfectly match your requirements, empowering you to achieve more with your resources rather than less.
Let’s get to work.
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