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Better cash flow, no matter your field.

Across diverse industries, cost-reduction services empower businesses to increase profitability, address emerging challenges, and attain ambitious objectives. With minimal time required of your team, we'll optimize your cash flows and margins by assessing and enhancing your partner spend.


Our Expertise

While our services are versatile and applicable to various organizations, the following industries are where our expertise is most extensive.

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Acute Care Healthcare

Since 2009, we’ve completed more than 1,000 projects for healthcare clients, spanning senior and assisted living facilities to large health systems. In addition to our primary areas of review, we can also streamline costs associated with pharmaceuticals, laundry & linen, labs & radiology, and more. This helps organizations overcome in-house inefficiencies or talent shortages, ultimately leading to increased profitability or surplus.

Higher Education

The enhanced cash flow provided by our cost-reduction services contributes to the competitiveness and appeal of colleges, universities, and other institutions. With increased funds, pressure to raise tuition is eased, and professors can receive proper compensation. These factors ensure that students’ education remains both accessible and valuable.

Post-Acute Healthcare

Of our 1700+ projects completed to date, Expense Consulting specializes in serving the post-acute care industry including non-profit organizations, nursing homes, Life Care Communities (CCRCs), assisted living communities, and more. Our leadership team and our experienced analysts understand the unique challenges and regulations that post-acute care providers face; allowing us to provide valuable recommendations that lead to actualized savings and improved financial stability. We are proud members of multiple state and national associations. 


The cash flow generated by our cost-reduction services is particularly beneficial for manufacturers. The savings we facilitate serve as a counterbalance to rising expenses, such as benefits, payroll, and productivity losses.

Lower the cost of doing business
We ensure your costs remain competitive and the services provided perfectly match your requirements, empowering you to achieve more with your resources rather than less.
Let’s get to work.
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