Areas of Review

We do all of the research, analysis, data gathering and negotiations, allowing you and your staff to focus on improving day-to-day operations while we work on reducing your costs

Utilities & Energy

Your company’s utility and energy costs can eat up a large part of the budget.  We ensure that you are not being overcharged on billing due to incorrect distribution and supply rates, taxes and other errors.  We use our expertise in the energy market to make sure you get the best supply pricing and negotiated terms.


Large amounts of data - with care & quality at the center of your focus. Pharmacy costs, like in many other areas of your organization, are shifting all the time as policies, regulations and new products are brought to market. Expense Consulting specializes in analyzing these expenses for you, re-negotiating vendor agreements or finding suitable alternative suppliers to keep your costs near or below the benchmark average for your area. Contact us today for a consultation.


Dial into substantial savings. Whether upgrading an old system, adding in expanded features or looking to make sure your current system is costing too much - our analysts will ensure you reliability & price efficiency.

Refuse & Recycling

In addition to confirming that your billing is correct, we will utilize our knowledge of industry pricing to ensure you are paying a competitive price for your waste disposal.  Our consultants can also provide analysis on your recycling diversion and introduce an effective recycling program to maximize your savings.

Hazardous Waste

How you dispose of your medical-hazardous waste is important; how much you pay for proper disposal is too.  Our analysts will review the current invoicing and agreements and negotiate the lowest pricing based on our industry metrics while ensuring the disposal process meets regulatory standards.


Radiology agreements are often filled with vague language that can catch you by surprise.  Expense Consulting has helped improve the transparency and minimize risk while reducing spending on essential services.

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Business Machines

From all-in-one office printers, audio visual equipment, servers and computers - Expense Consulting can work with you to build new infrastructure or upgrade old equipment using the best suppliers at the best prices. We not only help you shop your project out - but we research vendor reliability and rely on our keen negotiating skills to get the maximum savings, service and products available for your needs.


Medical supplies, office supplies, nuts and bolts - no matter what supplies your business buys - we'll help you find better pricing, secure cost effective contracts or re-negotiate current contracts.

Financial Services

Banking fees, 401k management fees, payroll & merchant fees - there are so many costs to consider with managing money. Expense Consulting helps you take a close look at how you can reduce what you pay.


For some organizations, blood testing can be a costly endeavor. Expense Consulting can benchmark your spending compared with others and negotiate pricing and terms that enable your organization to receive great service at competitive rates.

Laundry & Linen

Whether your organization is currently outsourcing laundry and linen services, performing those functions in-house, or utilizing some combination, Expense Consulting can help. Find out if you’re running the most efficiently or whether there are additional opportunities.


In the complex, constantly evolving world of risk-management, it’s not always easy to tell if you’re paying competitive rates.  Insurance is meant to protect your business and your employees, not destroy them with outrageous prices. Expense Consulting’s team of experts can evaluate the program that’s right for your organization.

Payroll Services

You need a payroll service provider you can trust to make sure your employees are paid on time and your organization is receiving reliable reports. You also need to remain compliant with all applicable, ever-changing state and federal payroll-related regulations. Expense Consulting helps you determine which add-on services are truly needed and negotiates to ensure your organization is paying competitive rates for whatever suite of services you select.

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