Areas of Review

We do all of the research, analysis, data gathering and negotiations, allowing you and your staff to focus on improving day-to-day operations while we work on reducing your costs

Utilities & Energy

Some of our largest cash recoveries have come from utility and energy providers. Even if you are buying energy supply from a third-party supplier, your utility distribution rate and billing may be incorrect. We also audit for discrepancies between your supply contracts and actual billing. In deregulated markets, our energy experts can make sure that you haven’t been overpaying in the past, and, moving forward, you have the best possible pricing for your facility’s load profile. Areas of opportunity include: Electricity, Water/Sewer, Natural Gas, Heating Oil & Propane

Telecommunications & Information Technology

Regardless of which providers and services you use, Expense Consulting has seen it all, and has the experience make sure your prices are competitive and that you aren’t paying for services you don’t use or need. We recently saved almost half a million dollars annually with just one software provider. Services we review include: Phone/Internet, Cable/Satellite TV, Alarm, Printer/Copier, Wireless, Maintenance & Software Licenses


Our waste strategy consists of several approaches including a review to ensure that your waste containers and collection schedules are correct for your facility’s needs. We audit the billing to ensure it agrees with contract pricing and we renegotiate collection rates and surcharges based on our national data metrics. We have realized an average savings of more than 20%. Waste categories we cover include: Solid/Recycling, Hazardous, Shredding & E-Waste

Food & Dinning Services

Whether you outsource your dining management or purchase all your food and prepare it in-house, our experts can ensure that pricing is competitive, and your rebate structure is appropriate. We can also make sure your GPO alignment is most appropriate for your purchasing habits. Areas reviewed include: Dinning Services, Food & Kosher Foods

Healthcare Specific

We have worked with hundreds of healthcare providers across the US and are uniquely equipped to review healthcare specific spending. We negotiate pricing well below that obtained just through GPO’s. We have developed a proprietary software to improve transparency around pharmacy billing and have an average savings in excess of 22%. We negotiate best-in-class pricing regardless of whether you purchase through GPO’s, big name brands, or smaller independent shops. Our areas of review include: Labs & Radiology, Pharmacy, Medical Supplies, Medical Waste, PPE, Vaccines & Injectables & Gases & Respiratory


Large amounts of data - with care & quality at the center of your focus. Pharmacy costs, like in many other areas of your organization, are shifting all the time as policies, regulations and new products are brought to market. Expense Consulting specializes in analyzing these expenses for you, re-negotiating vendor agreements or finding suitable alternative suppliers to keep your costs near or below the benchmark average for your area. Contact us today for a consultation.

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Payroll & HR Services

Billing for payroll can be complex, and many providers will bill for individual services such as direct deposit or tax-filing. We can help make sure that you’re paying a simple price per employee and that you haven’t been sold services that you don’t need, want, or use. Some examples of areas we work in are: Payroll Processing Services, HR Services, 401(k) Admin & Benefits Admin

Treasury Services

We’ve saved an average of more than 30% for clients who engage us to review their merchant services. We have reduced bank fees by 100% in some cases and we’ve helped clients free up cash by reducing cash balance requirements to reduce fees. Services we review include: Bank Fees, Credit Card Processing, ATM Maintenance & Armored Car Service 


We perform forensic-style accounts-payable audits to identify inaccurate billing and use our proprietary database to identify areas of opportunity for savings. We will ensure that you pay the lowest possible price for the same products you know and love. We can negotiate contracts directly with manufacturers to avoid unnecessary margins associated with third-party suppliers, and in the event of any changes to products, we’ll make sure you have samples to try out beforehand. Areas of review include: Office, Janitorial, Maintenance, Repair, & Operations

Freight & Logistics

We perform on-time delivery audits as well as contract negotiations for all your small package shipping needs. Whether it’s LTL (less-than-truckload), FTL (full truckload), or international shipping, we look to optimize shipping lanes and negotiate more favorable discounts and the best available surcharges and accessorials with your carriers. Areas reviewed include: Parcel (FedEx/UPS), LTL (Less Than Truckload), FTL (Full Truckload), International & Postage Meters

Maintenance Contracts

Often, we hear from clients that they don’t see their service providers more than once a year, and then we’ll find that they should be coming every six months. No one should be paying for services that they aren’t using. We work to improve service and reduce costs. Areas include: Fire & Security, Alarm, HVAC & Elevator/Escalator

Laundry & Linen

Whether you outsource your laundry or have an in-house facility, we can make sure that your setup is providing the most value, and ensure you’re not paying more than necessary. Services we review include: Garments, Uniforms, Linens, Patient Owned & Mats


Whether you work with a managed print service or do it all in-house, we can help make sure you get your money’s worth. Areas Include: Business Machines, Brochures, Business Cards, Letterhead & Mailings 

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